Corporate History

Edward Wadler founded Modern Mail Service Inc. in 1951 to service the mail delivery and messenger needs of California’s East Bay Area. Our first customer was an Oakland based news agency and they remain our customers to this day. After 25 years at the helm, Edward passed Modern Mail Service onto his son, Larry. Larry recognized that things had changed in the 25 years since his father founded the company and decided to significantly expand the type and volume of services Modern offers. He added same day “on demand” services and expanded the company’s route service offerings. Larry also decided to re-name the company Modern Express Courier to reflect the company’s expanding profile.

It has been more than 30 years since Modern Mail Service became Modern Express Courier and we have continued to grow and diversify our service offerings. We are no longer limited to the East Bay; we have seen our customer base grow to include companies from all over Northern and Southern California and even from as far afield as Atlanta, Georgia.

We credit our friendly, reliable service with being the reason for our continued success. From our founding, we have taken ownership of every order we process, ensuring that from the time you call us until you receive your confirmation e-mail, you are being assisted in the most professional and respectful manner possible.

Modern Express Courier Advantages

Professional Drivers

Modern Express Courier truly believes in investing in our staff. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our drivers are employees, not independent contractors. They are uniformed, neatly groomed and display laminated picture identification badges for increased security. You can be certain that all Modern Express Courier drivers will further enhance the good reputation of your company.

Vehicle Fleet

Modern Express Courier operates a fleet of late model vans, bobtails and enclosed pick up trucks. We have also recently added 5 hybrid vehicles in an effort to make Modern more environmentally responsible. Our trucks are fully equipped with lift gates to handle palette-based freight orders and our forklift-trained staff enable us to manage even the largest warehouse and distribution orders.

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