Freight service is about having the right men and materiel for the job. Stepping outside the bounds of traditional courier service, Modern Express now offers freight service. Whether your job needs a lift gate, a palette jack, or just a dolly and a little elbow grease, we’re fully equipped to handle all your freight service needs.

We believe that Modern can offer superior service based on the following criteria:

Customer Service:

There was a time when we had to contract out any freight service jobs that came our way. That meant dealing with other freight companies who often give the impression that their goal is to frustrate and annoy their customers. The courier service industry depends upon good customer service – if we didn’t offer the highest level of customer service we wouldn’t have survived this long. Now we are bringing this superior level of customer service to the Freight service industry. We take ownership of our jobs and follow through to make sure that everything gets done right and that if it doesn’t, we take positive productive steps to make it right.


We are located less than two blocks from the Port of Oakland. This means easy access to the largest port in Northern California.

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